Educational Services
Educational Services

Optimizing the learning environment

Teaching is hard enough without worrying about whether your technology will work.

In today’s world, having the right technology to support classroom education is more important than ever. Video and interactive solutions are paramount in helping students in the virtual learning experience that is required in schools across the country.

Suryl offers custom classroom solutions to meet the ever-changing environment that teachers and students experience. Our technology solutions are designed to ensure student privacy and security through remote connection and improve teacher-student engagement during the learning process.

Our goal is to help alleviate any concerns and stress for educators and administrators by simplifying the new learning environment as much as possible.

Understanding the current need for blended and online classes, Suryl has developed a new system called Edu-cart to assist with virtual learning. This cost-effective system allows us to use our expertise in audio-visual set-up, monitoring and maintenance. Edu-cart offers:

  • Minimal set-up and equipment – Only two cables, power and a network connection are required.
  • Audio-visual capabilities – Edu-cart comes equipped with an intelligent camera with 150-degree field of view and a 360-degree microphone array with a 20-foot range.
  • Zoom compatibility – Edu-cart integrates with the widely popular Zoom video and web conferencing technology platform.

Now more than ever, remote learning and collaboration technologies are being adopted by educators. Assessing the options and choosing a platform, such as Zoom or Teams, can be daunting.

Suryl offers assessment services to help customers choose the appropriate collaboration technology to fit into their existing technology ecosystem. Once the decision is made Suryl also offers licensing and implementation services. In addition, Suryl offers adoption services, how-to documents, video training and phone support for customers who need help using the technology.

In today’s hybrid education model, it’s important to ensure students can connect securely from anywhere, including internationally. Suryl offers Connectivity/VPN as a Service to reduce the burden for education technology departments to manage these challenges.

With this service, Suryl wraps services around the right VPN technology to manage the provisioning of VPN clients and provides set-up support, password support and usage reports. Additionally, Suryl has options for multiple VPN clients based upon location as well as options for dedicated IP addresses and servers based upon connection location.

Contact us today to learn more about our services for educational institutions. Through our experts and services, we help educators achieve better engagement, improved collaboration and flexible learning programs for remote students, including those with special needs.