Small site technology support for financial services company

The client had several remote branch locations in 40+ states. Due to the number of people at the branches, it was not cost effective to have onsite IT support staff. This resulted in employee dissatisfaction and lost productivity because of extended wait times for corporate IT support.

Suryl worked with the customer IT department to co-develop remote support processes to repair, refresh and reimage IT equipment. Our process partnered with the customer service desk and leveraged our customer internal resources directing our field service engineers.

By partnering with our customer and leveraging our industry experience, we were able to provide an improved level of service, same-day to next-business-day resolutions and increased employee satisfaction with the IT department.

Network/system migration for clothing retail chain acquisition

This large retailer with 209 stores nationwide needed support for its network and systems migration to a new parent company prior to Black Friday.

Suryl partnered with the customer to develop a technician script through several pilots and developed a technician training program and rollout plan. We staffed a tech support helpdesk and leveraged Suryl and partner field service engineers with the skills to perform the complex project. We completed the network cutover, reimaged all point-of-sale systems and client devices and repointed all store equipment to a completely new infrastructure.

Suryl completed the 209-store cutover three weeks prior to Black Friday, allowing the client to meet the highly aggressive schedule and be prepared for the busy holiday shopping season.

Site support for large managed service provider

The client had approximately 100,000 employees at more than 300 remote locations and lacked a support model for approximately 100 small site locations. It also had less than 300 end users on multiple support contracts. This resulted in no support at these locations and lost revenue for the service provider.

Suryl worked with the service provider to redesign existing processes to fit its small-site support model using dedicated personnel. We also implemented an IT generalist who specializes in a diverse range of technical proficiencies, allowing us to take advantage of multiple support contracts. We leveraged the service provider’s existing operations center and integrated platforms into all work requests to optimize work for technicians going into small sites.

Suryl was able to provide the desired customer experience of a consistent on-site support person, optimizing services. As a result, we helped the service provider successfully add 2,500 seats to its contracts prior to renewal.

Network support for international aircraft manufacturer

This large company’s network support teams were disparately managed by each region, contributing to inconsistent processes and service agreements. Site-based technical services created silos at the enterprise level, resulting in inefficiencies and increased costs to manage the support.

Suryl realized a need for 24/7 monitoring and dispatch with the company’s more than 15,000 network devices and more than 1,000 field service events per month. We leveraged our existing operations center and added network technicians to provide remote support. We also developed customer enterprise and change management processes as well as documented operational processes and procedures.

Suryl was able to help the customer establish and implement consistent enterprise support processes while still reducing the overall service cost for the client by half.

Enterprise workload management for large managed service provider

The client had several hundred technicians across multiple regions where localized workload management and scheduling took place. This resulted in poor customer experience and missed SLAs due to handoffs between single points of failure and inconsistent processes. As a service provider, the client was at risk for service level penalties.

Suryl worked with the client to develop an implementation approach/plan and established agreed-upon business rules for an enterprise ticket management process. By centralizing services, we reduced staffing levels for all desktop events/incidents and implemented centralized, enterprise workload management.

The client attained a record number of Green Service Level Agreement months for its customer. The client was able to reduce managed service costs while improving its reputation and performance, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Conference room services for Fortune 500 company

A company with more than 6,000 conference rooms globally had antiquated technology in a state of disrepair. They also had inconsistent, site-driven designs and poor data quality around existing room equipment and inventory. They were focused on reactive, escalation-based service and wanted a program to repair and replace existing equipment over a three-year period.

Suryl performed inventory and a site survey of existing rooms. We also created a customer database of rooms and equipment and documented and enhanced support processes and procedures. We developed a preventive maintenance program and spare-parts strategy. We leveraged our existing operations center, using AV technicians to remotely resolve incidents/events.

Suryl was able to reduce restoration times for broken rooms from up to a month to under five days. With the improved room inventory we were able to get on pace to replace the equipment in over 1,000 rooms in year one at an average of 130 rooms per month.