Client focused
About Suryl

Client focused.

Suryl is a managed services provider focused on providing IT solutions and world-class customer service.

We offer cost-effective support and services to help organizations run more efficiently, so our clients can concentrate on the priorities of their business.

Our business is firmly rooted in three core values:

  • Give the customer a great experience
  • Always reduce complexity
  • Do things right the first time

We are IT experts who have spent years perfecting the way we approach technology support services with our proven methodology of scalable and repeatable processes that work for any organization. Our mission is to help clients improve their bottom line with our flexible and customizable support model, and we have simplified the entire delivery process for you to help you achieve your goals.

We provide:

  • Technology insertion and automation – With 20 years of experience in implementing technology and automation, this service truly sets us apart from our competitors. We look at the entire end-to-end process and leverage technology and services we have in our own portfolio to quickly deliver for our clients.
  • Repeatable processes – We have established repeatable processes and developed a set of work instructions that can be duplicated in almost any organization to offer consistency in workflow and improved efficiencies.
  • Predictable outcomes – These repeatable processes allow us to deliver your technology and services as expected and help to eliminate risk to your organization.
  • Innovative approaches – Although repeatable processes and predictability are our areas of expertise, our ability to identify new and unique approaches to serve our clients truly sets us apart from everyone else. We look for more effective solutions, whether it’s processes, services or technology, to help our clients achieve better results.

Our approach

At Suryl, we make partnership a priority. We partner with you to provide our winning combination of the latest technology and service expertise to provide the best possible outcomes.

We know that just meeting an SLA doesn’t move the needle for your business. We work with our clients every step of the way to identify their business objectives and key business measurements and ensure that our service levels align with those key business measurements.

We minimize the time it takes upfront to understand the client’s needs and use our simple, four-step process below so that we can be ready to execute when you are.

First, we meet with the client to understand the business objective that needs to be met by the service.

Then, we look for opportunities to insert technology or processes to improve services and efficiencies.

We review and determine what processes, technology or services can be leveraged from our current portfolio to simplify service delivery.

We propose a better, faster and more cost-effective solution.

To better meet your expectations and ours, we evaluate before and during the work to ensure we are achieving your objectives and making improvements.

Our strengths

When the approach and plan are simple, it is easy to execute, which is one of our key strengths along with our people. We hire great people and provide them with the right tools and technology so they can execute successfully and give you the best customer experience.

The right people
We place our highly skilled team of professionals across the country, so you can have the right technician with the right information at the right time.

The right technology
We use the best technology and tools to monitor and quickly identify performance issues. You’ll receive around-the-clock support – 24/7, 365 days a year – from our technology experts.

The right approach
We partner with your company to identify your needs and complement existing IT staff, so they can focus on more strategic projects and business goals.